Affinity Home Care’s Respite Care for Families with Special Needs

Respite care can be an invaluable resource for families with special needs, providing them with much-needed physical and emotional relief. Our respite care services are available to those under 21 who require assistance with daily activities like eating, bathing, getting dressed, or taking medication.


Get the Reliable Care Your Family Deserves

Our certified and trained professionals provide quality care tailored specifically to each individual’s needs, giving you peace of mind knowing that your loved one is receiving comprehensive attention and support when they need it most. We also strive to be flexible so that families can get the best possible care when they need it – whether that means providing extra help around the house or offering emotional support during difficult times.

Finding Peace of Mind Knowing Your Child is in Safe and Capable Hands

At Affinity Home Care, we offer respite care services for parents of children with disabilities under the age of 21. Our team of experienced caregivers provides a range of support services tailored to meet the needs of each individual family. From providing companionship and assistance with daily tasks to helping manage complex medical issues, our staff is dedicated to ensuring your child’s safety and well-being while giving you much-needed time away from home. We understand how important it is for families to have access to quality respite care so they can take a break and recharge while their loved one remains in good hands. Contact us today to learn more.

Quality Home Care Services in Florida

From assistance with daily activities such as bathing or dressing to meal preparation and transportation, our experienced caregivers are committed to helping you maintain an independent lifestyle in the comfort of your own home.

We provide our services in Tallahassee, Gainesville, Vero Beach, Orlando, Tampa, and the surrounding cities. Contact us today to learn more about our senior home care services.



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