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How to Reduce Functional Decline in Older Adults


Getting older often means the physical and cognitive aspects also decline. Since it is a biological process, it cannot be fully prevented. However, there are some ways to reduce and delay the onset of this phenomenon from happening. Firstly, get health care services in Florida to assess the older adult’s overall condition. It is a necessary step in formulating plans to address the physical, cognitive, psychological, and emotional needs.

The caregiver should encourage physical activity even for disabled patients. Physical and occupational therapy helps in regaining basic functions, stopping the loss of function in a certain body part, and reducing functional impairments. Facilitate doing bed exercises to prevent bed sores, especially for bedridden patients.

Another strategy lies in personal care. For elders with the ability to ambulate, the use of appropriate and comfortable footwear prevents falls. Sturdy shoes that perfectly fit the feet allow greater movement and offer balance support. Encourage the use of assistive devices, especially if the elder experience limitations in their senses like eyeglasses, hearing aids, and canes.

Home care in Tallahassee, Florida, should minimize the safety hazards at home to prevent injuries and accidents. Reduce the incidence of slipping by mopping spilled liquids and using non-slip mats. Install sturdy handrails in the stairs and bathroom. Ensure hallways and stairs are well-lit and uncluttered.

All of these safety practices are the bare minimum at Affinity Home Care Agency Incorporated.

Our caregivers and nurses are equipped with the knowledge and training in caring for your elderly loved ones. Visit our website and explore the private care services we provide.

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